Virus Removal

TOTAL CTRL is here to ensure that your computer is virus free before and after any infection. We know that it is costly and very frustrating when computer doesn’t function properly.

Our virus removal service will detect and remove any infections on your computer as well as any remnants of the virus. We will put your computer through multiple programs as well as manually remove any left over files that may linger on your machine. Our Virus Removal service also comes with a free Computer Tune Up and a Total CTRL recommended anti-virus if you don’t have one installed or if you think it’s time to change from the one you currently have.

Our virus removal service is performed in three distinct parts:

  • Detection and removal of any infection
  • Find and Fix the damage done by the infection
  • Perform our thorough Computer Tune-up

Our technician will then test every aspect of the computer to ensure everything is functioning properly. That is why it is important for you to let us know in detail how the computer is not functioning for you prior the the virus removal so we can have all the issues worked out before we drop off your pc.

Our Virus Removal process is quick and effective taking as little as 1-2 days depending on how infected your computer has become. It it our goal to remove the virus and have you back up and running as quick as possible.

What to look for after a Virus Removal

After getting your computer back and using it for the first time, you may notice that your settings such as your desktop background and theme have been set back to default. Changing these are necessary to identify any problems you may have after the repair is finished.

The most common changes you may see after a virus removal are:

  • New Spyware and Malware programs installed on your computer
  • Windows background and theme changed to default
  • Browser home page changed to
  • Browser passwords have been cleared (favorites remain)
  • Some applications may have been removed (registry cleaners, pc optimizers, toolbars)
  • Browser toolbars have been removed or disabled
  • has been added to your favorites

During the virus removal process, we also perform a computer tune up and check for any existing hardware problems such as bad sectors on your hard drive, blown capacitors on your motherboard, problems with DVD-Drives not functioning properly, and more. These tests will let our technicians know and alert you to any upcoming problems you may experience.

To find out more about our Virus Removal service please call our office at 864.346.2403 to schedule an appointment. One of our staff will be happy to assist with your computer and answer any questions.