Computer Upgrades and Rebuilds

The most common and least costly computer upgrade is memory. Additional memory being added to your pc can make it run quicker. Extra memory can help a pc boot quicker, open programs quicker, and even speed up your web browsing. A typical computer could have a memory upgrade for around $25.00 to $50.00. There’s an installation fee; but, we’ll waive it if you’re having another repair performed at the same time.

If you’re running out of space on your main hard drive, you’ll be able to have the main hard drive upgraded with one that’s quicker and has extra space to better fit your files, pictures, and music. If you’re already having issues with your hard drive than it is probably time to upgrade to a new drive. The hard drive contains your software and information stored on your computer. Having the hard drive replaced means that you will have to re-install the operating system and transfer the data but this will not be a problem for our technician.

Hard drives come in 3 common speeds. The quicker RPM the quicker the hard drive can read and write data to the disks. The majority of laptops and computers that you would get from your big box stores will have the slower RPM drives. Upgrading to a higher RPM drive can increase the speed of your computer giving it the ability to load the operating system and programs faster and increasing performance.

Below is a list of the three common hard drive speeds

  • 4200 RPM
  • 5400 RPM
  • 7200 RPM

If you are going to purchase a new computer, we recommend the 7200 RPM drive. The cost is a little higher but the increase in performance is worth it.

Upgrading your motherboard (main board) and Processor will increase the overall performance of your computer. This repair is about half the cost of a new computer and will extend the life of your computer. You can keep the case that your computer originally came with, the DVD-Rom drive, and power supply unit which in turn saves you a lot of money. Computer upgrades are very cost effective if you are having issues with your motherboard, Processor, or other hardware.

Many of our customers ask about downgrading to Windows 7 because of the changes they have made in the layout and appearance of Windows 8. If you are having issues or dislike Windows 8, downgrading is one solution but not ideal, there are several other ways to deal with this problem. Our technician can install a program to get your start menu and desktop to appear like Windows 7,   just tell him/her that you are unfamiliar with the new layout and they will assist you in making the changes. Upgrading to Windows 7 is ideal only if your current operating system is Windows Vista. If you have an older operating system such as Windows XP you can still upgrades to Windows 7 but you may need some additional hardware upgrades so your computer can meet the requirements of the new operating system.


You should notice a substantial increase in performance with your computer after the upgrades. Having a computer upgraded could extend the life of your machine for many years. A lot of customers have avoid the cost in purchasing a new computer simply by increasing the amount of memory or having a new and faster hard drive installed.

We take pride in the ability to repair and upgrade  our customers computers with minimal downtime and transferring the data with no problems. There are companies that will claim to fix your problems and when you get your computer home it is practically a blank slate. No one wants to start from scratch by losing their data, our technicians will transfer the data from your old hard drive to the new hard drive given the data is recoverable. Most of the time the only time the data isn’t recoverable is if the hard drive has been physically damage or rewritten.

Computer programs can not be transferred from one hard drive to another because they are so integrated into the file system that it is impossible just to drag and drop like you would the data. You should always keep up with your installation discs and license keys for any third party software that you may have installed and give it to the technician that is rebuilding your computer so they can re-install your programs for you.

To find our more about our upgrade services, please call our office at 864.346-2403 to schedule an appointment. One of our staff will be happy to check in your computer and answer any questions.


Computer rebuilds consists of perfuming a back up of your hard drive and formatting the hard drive to wipe the drive of any existing data and programs. We will then perform a clean install of the Windows Operating System. After the install we will update and install any drivers that did not get installed with the operating system and transfer the data back over to the proper folders. We also install common computer programs such as Adobe Flash and Reader and a free anti-virus program to ensure you are protected. As stated before third party software CANNOT be transferred from one computer to another so it is essential that you bring any software and license keys with you when you drop your computer off for the repair. Below is a list of third party computer software that will need to be re-install from a file or disc that was provided when you purchased the computer or software. We will also reconfigure printers and other devices that may have been connected to your computer prior the rebuild.

  • MS Office
  • Adobe Acrobat
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • AutoCAD or Solidworks
  • Nero or Roxio CD burning software
  • Printer drivers
  • Quickbooks, Quicken, or MS Money

Computer Rebuilds at Total CTRL typically take 1-2 days depending on the amount of data and software that needs to be transferred or re-intalled. Our technicians strive to provide an excellent turn around time to ensure that you have your computer as soon as possible.


Upon picking up your computer and booting it up for the first time you may notice that your computer is like new except for any programs that you may not have had the discs for or did not want installed to begin with.

We only install the programs that you specify or need to have installed on your computer so you may notice an increase in performance. This is most likely due to the fact that when you purchase a new computer it will come with bloatware or programs that were pre-installed before you made the purchase. Your background and browser homepage may be different as well so ask the technician to show you how to change the basic settings and they will be glad to help.

Not all computers will need a rebuild, but if your computer is overly infected, has a bad hard drive, or problems that just cant seem to be fixed, the rebuild will guarantee great results and a smooth running computer.

To find our more about our Computer Rebuild services, please call our office at 864.346.2403 to schedule an appointment. One of our staff will be happy to assist with your computer and answer any questions.