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Total Ctrl is a completely mobile computer repair business serving Greenville, Simpsonville, Mauldin and surrounding areas, providing essentially any computer repair.Our mission is to provide superior service, at a price you can afford.

We specialize in laptop and desktop repair services, On-site computer repair, rebuilds and upgrades, repairs and tune-ups, and virus removal, with the ability to repair problems such as broken LCD screens, DC power jacks, keyboards, hard drives, and other hardware commonly found on desktops and notebooks; there isn’t a problem that we can’t fix. Call us at (864) 346-2403.


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Residential Computer Repair Services Greenville, SC

Computer Repair Services

Computer Repair ImageTotal CTRL has the ability to fix most hardware problems on both laptops and desktops. Below is a list of common computer repairs that we provide for both Desktops and Laptops:

Laptop Repairs

Internal DC Power Jack

Broken or Cracked Screens and Broken Hinges

Memory Replacement or Upgrade

Keyboards and Track Pads

Hard Drives

Internal Wireless Cards

Virus Removal

Desktop Repairs

Motherboard and CPU


Hard Drives

Power Supplies

Video Cards

Network Cards

Virus Removal

Virus Removal ImageTOTAL CTRL is here to ensure that your computer is virus free before and after any infection. We know that it is costly and very frustrating when computer doesn’t function properly.

Our virus removal service will detect and remove any infections on your computer as well as any remnants of the virus. We will put your computer through multiple programs as well as manually remove any left over files that may linger on your machine. Our Virus Removal service also comes with a free Computer Tune Up and a Total CTRL recommended anti-virus if you don’t have one installed or if you think it’s time to change from the one you currently have.

Our Virus Removal process generally take 24-48 hours. Please Call 864.346.2403 to schedule an appointment or for more information about our Virus Removal Services.

PC Tune-Up

At Total CTRL all of our PC Tune-ups are hands on and and based on your individual needs. Our technicians will inspect every aspect of your computer before the Tune-up to ensure that there are no underlying hardware problems. The process we use for our Tune-Up is very thorough and consists of the following:

  • Disabling any programs that load when your computer boots
  • Scan and remove any form of Spyware or Adware that may be present
  • Uninstall any toolbars or unneeded programs that could affect performance
  • Reset all browsers back to default ( your bookmarks or favorites will stay in place )
  • Check your Hard Drive for any bad sectors or damaged/misaligned files

Our Tune-up process generally take 24-48 hours. Please Call 864.346.2403 to schedule an appointment or for more information about our PC Tune-up.

On-Site Services

Total Ctrl VehicleDo you need a computer or laptop fixed but aren’t able to come by the shop? No problem!

Total CTRL IT offers on site computer repair in and around the Greenville, SC area. Please contact us and let us know how we can help you. We offer a FREE pickup service to the Greenville area, if you cannot make it to our Computer repair shop please let us know and we will pick up your device, fix it, and bring it back to you!

Usually, calls for on site computer repair in Greenville, SC need to be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance, but give us a call and let us show you how we can help you!

Data Recovery

Data Recovery ImageTotal CTRL can recover the data on internal and external drives given the failure of the drive is software related. Data Recovery is not always guaranteed but we will do our best to recover as much of the data as possible. Physical data to any hard drive may require a clean room environment to remove or replace internal parts in the hard drive itself. The company that Total CTRL refers for any type of physical failure is DriveSavers.

Apple Repairs

Broken Ipad and Iphone

We Can Help!

Broken Touch Screen
LCD Replacement
Battery Replacement
Anything else!

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